The Slipper

This is the newest version of the foam and wood alaia. I haven’t had a name for these because I don’t usually name my boards, but I’ve been asked, “What do you call these!” about a hundred times.  So I figured I’d just simply call it The Slipper because that’s what it does. It slips through the water faster than anything else I’ve made.  This one is made using the same Openface structure, with a custom stringerless EPS blank mated with wood and an epoxy glass job, so it’s light, strong, and flexible. It’s got a snowboard-ish outline that seems to be working really well at holding the board securely to the wave face. I added a bit more rocker and deepened the single concave that runs from nose to tail  to a 1/2″. The rail also has a 1/4″ of release. The overall foil has been changed as well, with the nose and tail being a lot thinner for flex. The center of the board bulges to 2 1/4″ thick, so it paddles like a conventional board. I also used a flexible poplar ply for the deck. It’s super strong and ding resistant but still lets the board have a lively ride quality. Dimensions are 6’8″ x 18″ at center  & 19 1/4″ at the ends x 2 1/4″ thick. This is the best riding one I’ve made by far. It feels super secure for having no fins. Once you set trim it almost feels like you’re on a really fast longboard, locked in and flying.  The only difference is you can kick it into a 360, or slide sideways lala style, or do any other goofy thing that comes to mind whenever you want. It’s pretty much all I’ve been riding lately.


~ by ninelightssurfboards on April 27, 2010.

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