It’s a Long Process

I got a really unique request recently from my good friend Church, for a 4 channel single fin egg. He wanted it to be fairly short at 5′ 9″ and light and high performance. We went with Openface construction, with a double layer, concave deck of 2 lb. foam and 1/8″ poplar ply. Church also wanted it to be glassed with interference, or color shifting pigments that he uses in the amazing abstract paintings he makes. It gives the board a trippy iridescent look. He also taped off some geometrical patterns on the bottom that we sprayed white. The deck was also sprayed a matching blue with taped off triangles. This was one of the more complicated boards I’ve made, so I thought I’d show some of the process.   *click on photos to enlarge
Photos courtesy Church.

Enjoy your board!

~ by ninelightssurfboards on August 7, 2010.

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