New Site!

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Nine Lights has a new site! Check it out @


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Fins+ handplane+ tiny shorepound= fun!

Now in Plain Flavor

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Nine Lights is now accepting conventional epoxy orders. Since money is harder to come by lately for everyone, I’ve decided to offer my budget line of boards. These are full epoxy boards, using Marko foam and Resin Research epoxy. Still way stronger than a polyester board, just not as bulletproof as a composite sandwich. They start at $572 for a clear board with FCS or Future fin system.

New Twinnie

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This is a new modern shortboard style twin fin. It’s 5’10” and more foiled out than a conventional twin. It’s built to surf more vertical like a thruster, but with the speed a twin fin can provide. It’s made with full composite construction out of stringerless  1 lb. EPS, balsa, and poplar, with custom poplar core fins and the weight is around 6 lbs.

Mad Granny

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This is unrelated to surfboards or surfing, but I had to post it cuz it’s that funny. Also, I’ve been bicycle commuting lately, so I fantasize about doing this to inconsiderate drivers myself.  


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Introducing handplane #2. One man’s trash is another’s treasure.
*avaliable directly and at Thalia Street Surf Shop

Flex Fire

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It’s good to see the flex fire is fueled.Stage 3 by Ryan Lovelace seen @ PC Progress
The Slipper @ here